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Pedals, Rack Effects, Multi-FX systems, software and accessories all make for a powerhouse lineup and is why for over 30 years, TC guitar systems have set benchmarks for performance & bullet-proof reliability. Continuing this tradition TC have recently released the JUNE 60 Legendary Stereo Chorus with 2-Button Effect Selector and BBD Circuitry plus the Eyemaster Metal Distortion



Amps, Cabinets, Combos, Pedals and accessories all of which are incredibly powerful, pure, versatile, rugged & compact. These are just a few of the reasons the cream of the world's bass players have turned their attention to TC's latest bass systems...



Dedicated hardware and software with enhanced plug-in functionality for when the purest signal processing and complete flexibility are demanded, TC studio systems are the only choice for critical recording, mastering and post production projects....



Innovative, reliable and ergonomic design have made TC the first choice for leading engineers in today's ultra-demanding digital broadcast industry....



Delivering innovative tools & solutions for people who create & work with the speaking or singing voice. TC-Helicon is the only pro audio company 100% dedicated to providing creativity and control to singers. TC-Helicon products have completely redefined what is possible with the voice in virtually any live or recording situation


The new series of affordable stomp boxes from TC covers all essential guitar effects, with a sound quality to satisfy both the aficionado on a budget and the new kid on the tonal block. All pedals feature a sturdy, bent metal chassis ready for the tough and awesome life on the road, with top-mounted ins and outs, and of course True Bypass, so they never affect your tone when switched off.