Sonance Professional Series

In-Ceiling Speakers

Sonance In-Ceiling Speakers

Sonance Professional Series In-Ceiling Speakers feature a bezel-less grille design to minimize visual distraction and reduce shadow lines. 

The optional black or white square grille adapter allows the speakers to match the aesthetic of downlights or HVAC grilles.

Black grilles in round or square are also available, eliminating the need to order a specific black speaker. More info


Pendant Speakers

The Sonance Professional Pendant Series

These elegant Pendant Speakers utilize a minimalistic design similar to pendant lighting to blend discreetly into the environment. Available in black or white and can also be painted to match decor.
They also take advantage of the same one-piece grille design as the In-Ceiling Speakers in the range to deliver consistent sight lines when installed in the same space. 
The unique integrated top cover hides the hanging hardware and wiring connector making them perfect for installation where they may be viewed from above. More info


Surface Mount Speakers

Sonance Professional Surface Mount Speakers

Clean minimalistic lines and a flush-fitting grille make Sonance Professional Series Surface Mount Speakers look more like carefully designed pieces of decor, rather than the traditional bulky look of cabinet speakers. 
Available in either black or white, which can be painted to match wall or ceiling colors. More info

Sonance Commercial Series

Invisible Series

Sonance award-winning Invisible Series Speakers are used exclusively in luxury retail boutiques around the world, including Louis Vuitton, Prada Fendi, Gucci and Miu Miu.  The 70/100 Volt or 8 ohm design combined with best-in-class sonic performance and most flexible installation processes makes them the perfect solution for projects requiring high quality audio combined with zero visual intrusion.  More info...


Landscape Satellite Speakers

Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) 70/100 Volt speaker system is totally scalable to deliver perfectly even coverage and “audiophile-like” sonic performance in any sized outdoor space. With a range of products to suit almost any throw distance and desired sound pressure level, SLS is perfect for resort gardens, golf courses, college campuses, wineries, amusement parks and outdoor malls.  In addition, the satellite and subwoofer form factor provides a versatile high performance solution for challenging indoor environments such as vaulted ceilings in bars, restaurants and clubs. More info...

Landscape Subwoofers

Sonance Landscape Series Subwoofers are:

  • Part of a scalable system designed to suit any sized space.
  • Below-ground subwoofer provides superior bass while seamlessly blending into the landscape environment.
  • Available in four models to suit any sized space or desired volume level.
  • Hardscape subwoofer designed to be built into patio furniture or planter boxes. 
  • Robust construction designed to handle the most extreme conditions. More info.

Landscape Amplifiers

Sonamp Digital and
DSP Amplifiers

When it comes to reliable distributed audio, nobody has been doing it longer than Sonance. Building from the legacy of the Sonamp 260, recognized as the industry's first distributed audio amplifier, the new range of Sonamp Digital, and DSP Amplifiers utilize cutting-edge technology to bring out the absolute best sonic performance from Sonance speakers, while the versatile feature-sets allow them to be integrated into third-party control systems for simplicity and user-friendliness. More info