Maxell projectors

MP-WU9101B-facer.pngMaxell has been developing and producing Hitachi projectors since acquiring the projector business component of Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co in 2013. Since then, their improved quality, reliability, world-class imaging and state-of-the-art technology has earned them the title as being one of the most trusted and valued manufacturers of residential projectors that exist today.

Residential projectors: If you've got the space, bring your entertaining area to life with up to 8,000 ANSI lumens.

Short throw: Take advantage of Maxell's in-depth technical knowledge of short-throw technology with ultra-short throw laser projectors.

Commercial projectors: Looking for a commercial-grade projector that delivers a complete interactive experience on any flat surface? Then Maxell's interactive ultra-short throw range may be the solution for you.

Portable projectors: take your presentations or entertainment device wherever you go with Maxell's portable projector range. With options for up to an incredible 4,500 lumens, you can experience superior image quality and long-life reliability from anywhere in the world.

Through the acquisition of Hitachi projectors, Maxell plans to continually develop their portfolio with innovative, highly advanced, low-maintenance laser and LED light source projectors in response to the growing demand for their technology. They're one of the most sought-after and respected digital projection developers in the world.

Experience the vibrant image quality and everlasting reliability of Maxell projectors.