Hitachi Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs)

perspective.png"Experience the freedom and simple efficiency" of hosting a meeting or teaching your class with Hitachi's world-renowned interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs).

Hitachi's products in their line of IFPDs are all backlit with a powerful LED light source. They come in options of 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches and 86 inches, with options for LAN port for control, OPS slot, magnetic stylus pens and USB/HDMI inputs at the front of the unit. Some displays in Hitachi's repertoire boast screen mirroring, annotation and whiteboard features for added convenience. All that's required of you is to simply flick a switch, and you're on your way to delivering the perfect presentation or lecture.

Each device includes ultra-slim IR technology, built-in operating systems, world-class anti-glare technology and 20 points of simultaneous touch. All these features come neatly packaged in a highly contemporary unit with black bezel, ultra-slim frames. Their sophisticated designs allow them to blend into any corporate, retail or educational environment with seamless perfection.

Discover the best touch screen experience with Hitachi's collection of interactive flat panel displays.