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   Premium Speaker Cable

With choices of 2 and 4 core in either 14 gauge or 16 gauge the Accent Audio Speaker Cable is fast becoming the cable of choice for the discerning integrated solution provider.

Accent Audio install speaker cable features:

  • Tinned copper: to ensure the longevity of the cable in our environment. ‘Tinning’ helps protect the copper against salt and moisture which causes copper to corrode.
  • Tough outer jacket: 0.6mm thick - delivers low drag in installs.
  • High strand count: 104 strand (14 AWG varieties), makes the cable ideal for use in performance applications and where long cable runs are required.
  • Metre markings: Printed on the outer jacket to save time measuring cable at install.
  • Nylon ripcord: for ease of tearing away the outer sheath to improve efficiencies when terminating the cable. It also serves to provide additional strength when pulling the cable.
  • Bright yellow outer jacket: Helps to distinguish the cable in dark environments.
  • Easy-pull spool: All cables are packed within a sturdy outer carton on a low-friction spool.

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