Company Profile

Recognised experts at reaching and supporting the entertainment, communications & technology markets throughout Australasia.

A Long History of Excellence

Our parent company was formed in 1987 as a result of a management buy-out of the audio and film divisions of Rank Electronics. Then in May 1989 Amber expanded its operation to include a New Zealand office.

This entrepreneurial Australasian Company handles some of the world's most innovative and smartest electronics in the technically thirsty Australasian market. Our customers enthusiastically endorse new technology frequently well in advance of many other countries. Amber Technology provides the bridge between state-of-the-art manufacturers and customers who need the best available.

With a national network of offices in major capital cities, Amber provides an efficient distribution and support system across a territory larger than the USA with just one-tenth the population. This wealthy, intelligent and demanding audience expects the best the world has to offer.

Amber provides confident access and support to:

  • Broadcast - television, radio and telecommunications
  • Education - colleges and universities
  • Government - Defence and blue-chip corporate authorities

As the multi-media revolution continues, Amber is exceptionally well positioned to serve the needs of our customers and suppliers in an era of rapidly evolving market requirements and technology.

In depth engineering strength and customer support

As a distribution organisation, three factors are absolutely vital to the way we operate as a successful team with represented brands and our customer base:

  • Superior technical support
  • Responsive, open communications
  • Quality people
Amber Technology's people really do make the difference. The sales staff are known to their peers throughout their industry, while the operational support staff are exceptionally efficient in office support, warehousing, logistics, finance and a major tenet of the enterprise -premier technical support.

The result is a formidable support team which takes pride in understanding the product thoroughly so as to give timely and astute advice to customers. Comprehensive knowledge of the product and its productive applications is the key.

Australasian customers are very conscious of being long distances from overseas suppliers and factories, and therefore demand a strong local support capability before fully endorsing a product. Amber achieves this level of support by maintaining a high ratio of technical staff, in excess of 30%, in the technical support area. Amber Technology's policy is to take advantage of factory training for support staff wherever possible and to maintain open communication with the technical/engineering staff of suppliers so that strong working relationships are established.

Comprehensive technical resources too... documentation and records are scrupulously maintained as part of our ability to instantly respond to customers support needs. In summary this means we can truly say: "no one will look after your technical needs better".

Broadcasting Innovation

Whether it is radio station automation that allows fail-safe 24-hour on-air operation, or cutting-edge digital on-line video systems, Amber is there selling and supporting broadcasters around Australasia. We have the contacts. We know the current state of every station and broadcaster and can provide focused marketing to match broadcasters' needs for new products, for technology updates or simply refining a studio's productivity with smarter products.

Australasia is a leader in broadcasting standards producing many programs for worldwide sales and distribution. It is fertile ground for switched-on technology suppliers and an environment of real innovation in broadcasting techniques.

Again we offer considerable technical support so that confident relationships are formed with our clients' engineering staff.

Just-in-time, and other modern business practice

Amber employs computer controlled warehousing and inventory control that optimises our half a million cubic feet central warehouse and logistics system. We maintain over 3,500 individual products and 12,500 component and spare part lines in our system. Linked to a seamless distribution order delivery system with premier air and road freight companies, we can provide our customer base with reliable next-day-delivery. Automatically stock levels are monitored and flagged as trend movements initiate re-order on our overseas principals, so that a balance between inventory holding costs and availability is maintained at peak efficiency. The result is keen pricing for our customers and maximum market penetration for our suppliers.

Quality procedures are in place throughout the entire enterprise to ensure wastage is constantly eliminated and service is focused where it should be.... on our customers.

Into The Future...

From critical professional applications through to complete home lifestyle environments, the past 25 years have seen audio & video technologies evolve & merge at an extraordinary pace. Thoughout this amazing technological revolution, Amber Technology has constantly demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict future trends and constantly stay ahead of the curve in providing our diverse customer base with the tools they need as soon as they require them.

The Amber team is well aware that our clients expect only the very latest and best from us so we constantly scour the world to stay abreast of possible future market directions and the technology to satisfy them.

Our success over these past decades has been built on a formula of offering only the best & most innovative technolgy to our clients and backing it up with unmatched after-sales support. It is a policy that has enabled us to enjoy constant growth even in the most challenging economic conditions and our customers can be assured we will continue to provide them with the best the world has to offer into the future.