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Thunder 1080p Home Theater Projector

  • Texas Instruments DLP ™ Technology / 0.65 "1080P DMD Chip
  • Real resolution: Full HD, 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • 3,000 lumens and 22,000:1 contrast ratio
  • New generation SSI laser light source, ultra long-term service life

New generation SSI laser light source, ultra long-term service life

The new ZH33 uses a new generation of SSI solid-state laser light source technology to replace the traditional mercury lamp light source, not only the real restoration of natural colors can be identified in the natural, can show excellent brightness characteristics; and light source life of up to about 20,000 hours, even after a long Time to use, can still maintain a clear, high-quality image performance, the use of benefits doubled.


 Dynamic power saving, that is, off that off

In accordance with the projection color needs, the system can automatically detect and dynamically adjust the output power of the laser light source, different from the lamp power supply full power output, can save energy. And can achieve that is off, boot up to five seconds up to the best color performance; shutdown do not have to consider the traditional projector bulb heat problems, zero seconds fast switching machine, loss of the fuselage, and traditional TV as easy to use.


Optoma Exclusive SWG (Super Wide Gamut) color optimization technology

Unlike the general bulb projector, ZH33 laser projector equipped with Optoma SWG (Super Wide Gamut) technology, from the Optoma color engineer Bingzhe heart unique, through a number of color debugging, looking for the best coating ratio, Adjust the proportion of different colors of light, the design of a new "brilliant color wheel."
New generation of laser light source combined with brilliant color wheel, can filter out closer to the solid color RGB wavelength, and color gamut area up to HDTV 118%, REC.709 coverage close to 100%, to achieve accurate color rendering, so that image display capabilities such as Artisan handmade fine polished as meticulous. Fixed power consumption can enhance the overall projector brightness of 30%, not only enhance the brightness, watching most of the film scene while improving the skin color.
1.36 times the lens zoom, the installation space is more flexible
Compared to the general home projector configuration 1.1 × normal focal length lens, from the projection surface 3.25 meters can be projected 100 inches, ZH33 with a new 1.36 × zoom lens, only 2.4 meters from the projection surface can be projected 100-inch large screen ! Limited space, the same can have a large screen projection show the enjoyment!
Equipped with four-way trapezoidal correction function, erection position is not limited
With manual vertical / horizontal keystone correction ± 30 degrees, and four corners correction function, you can adjust the four sides of each screen <up, down, left, right>, so that the projector placed more flexible position. 緃 Make the projector on the side edge of the corner, can also easily correct the projection screen angle, immediately enjoy the proportion of normal images.

Excellent ring sound experience - NuForce exclusive design speaker + SRS surround sound

American SRS laboratory based on the human auditory system dynamics and psychoacoustics, the development of the sound to listen to better listening technology, the main features are:
1. more space sense of stereo surround sound (two-channel analog 5.1 channel)
2 . More Clear Human Dialogue
3. A deeper

subwoofer By integrating SRS's powerful audio waveguard technology with the post-symmetrical 8W dual-channel speaker of ZH33, restore the sound width and depth, enhance the bass (especially for the action in the movie Scene), the sound raised to the appropriate height and provide high-frequency sound clarity, showing a full and saturated surround sound effects, to regain a few cinemas immersive!

Support MHL transmission, mobile phone / tablet easy to share big picture

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) action High-quality link technology through the MHL wire and interface, will be able to support MHL smart phone and lithography and support MHL projector link, the projector will be able to share large screen, but also support Full HD 1080P resolution, without additional settings or download App program, fine content can be amplified dozens or even hundreds of times; not only the wisdom of the device has a wider display platform, enjoy the fine at the same time, but also for the Wisdom device charging, entertainment without interruption!
1) Only support for MHL Android system mobile devices (except for Samsung mobile device connectors, special adapter)
2) Unlike the mobile device UI interface design, the remote control may not operate on some functions

Dynamic Black Wisdom Dynamic Aperture

Dynamic Black (Dynamic Black) is a new generation of theater-class light bulb and development, according to the film in different scenes and colors, automatically adjust the light source strength, to give the best brightness and contrast performance, to achieve dark scenes more details; The scene is more dynamic.


model ZH33
Display technology Texas Instruments DLP ™ Technology / 0.65 "1080P DMD Chip
Resolution Real resolution: Full HD, 1080p (1920 × 1080)
Output brightness 3,000 lumens
Contrast 22,000: 1
Projection distance 1.3 ~ 9.6m (optimized distance @ 1.86)
Projection size (diagonal) 40 ~ 300 inches
Lens zoom ratio 1.36 ×
Digital zoom

1 to 2.0 ×

Light source / life Laser light source / 20,000 hours
Projection ratio 1.07 to 1.45
speaker  8W × 2 (SRS ring sound)
Signal input and output interface
HDMI × 2 (ver: 1.4a, HDMI 2 support MHL)
3D VESA × 1
USB 3.0 (5V, 1.5A) × 1
Audio output × 1
Remote Controller: IR remote
Serial port: RS232 (D-sub 9pin)
Noise level ECO mode: 27 dB
Keystone correction Vertical: +/- 30 ° , horizontal: +/- 30 °
Operating environment Operating temperature: 5 -40 ° C (Dim to ECO power when temp. Over 35 ° C) 
Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 90% RH 
Altitude: 0 ~ 2,500 ft @ 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C 
2500 ~ 5000 ft @ ° C ~ 35 ° C 
5000 ~ 10000 ft @ 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C 

360 ° Operation support
Power consumption power 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz / 6.8-2.5A 
Normal: 335W (+/- 15%) @ 100VAC, Standby: Under0.5W
Volume (width × depth × height) 402 (W) x 339 (D) x 117 (H) mm
weight 6.2 kg

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■ Input and output terminals

01. HDMI 1 02. HDMI 2 / MHL
03. USB 3.0 04. 3D sync output (5V)
05. Audio input (3.5mm mini jack) 06. RS-232C