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Super-sized home entertainment

  • Enhanced image quality - Optoma LED Technology

  • Fantastic Full 3D 1080p image quality made ultra-smooth with PureMotion

  • Total control - Advanced Color Management System CMS+

  • Easy Installation - Lens shift & wide zoom range

Superior LED Technology

LED technology delivers enhanced image quality with a wide color gamut, superior color saturation and outstanding brightness. The intense yet accurate colors produce an image of exceptional quality. Also LED technology provides consistent brightness and color performance, maintaining the high image quality throughout its lifetime. The brightness perception enables HD92 to render screen sizes far higher than its ANSI brightness specifications would suggest. Also, this enables HD92 to handle low levels of ambient light with far less impact on image quality than lamp based systems.

Enormous Pure Engine IV Generation
Ultra Detail
A unique image processing algorithms and a dedicated image detail processor gives the impression of extremely high image quality without the artifacts associated with moving pixel systems. It analyzes the difference of characteristics and scene of each frame, then creates and combines extra 36 new frames with original 24 frames into a new 60 frames / Sec dynamic images, to create a "124 Mega extreme Pixel" image.

Pure Motion
The technology provides advanced motion control processing that eliminates motion blurring or image judder, even in high-speed action sequences and 3D modes.
Pure Color
Provides balanced colors for vibrant, vivid and natural images. Works in conjunction with the Color Management System ensuring precise control of the color reproduction.


Dynamic Black IV Generation
Dynamic Black IV smoothly adjusts the lamp output automatically, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning contrast ratio. Bright scenes are crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks which gives exceptional light and shade detail.

Real 2D to 3D Technology
2D to 3D technology is the process of transforming 2D ("flat") film to 3D form; Real 2D to 3D technology is measuring the timeline of each film and dividing image to multiple layers, in order to define the image to real 3D image, and solve the distorted situation.

Optoma Pure Lens
To fulfill the needs of super high definition, Optoma has developed two high quality Pure Lens, short throw and long throw lens; These two lens converge problems of chromatic aberration and optimize coating to remove the appearance of ghost and flare at any focal length; the lens can get sharper images, more specific details and color rendering. Also, the full lens shift function is making the installation more convenient.

Extensive connector options
Multiple input / output options allow a wide variety of source signals to be connected to HD92

1Lamp based projectors brightness and lifetime will vary depending on selected projector mode, environmental conditions and usage. As is common with all lamp based projectors, brightness will decrease over the lamp lifetime. LED projectors do not have a replaceable lamp and the brightness does not decay significantly over the product lifetime.

2Typical lamp life achieved through testing. Will vary according to operational use and environmental condition


Display Tech.
0.65 inch 1080p DC3 DMD from Texas Instruments
1920×1080 (native on 1080i/p)
Brightness (typical)
1,600 Lumens
Contrast Ratio
600,000 :1
(MAX/ with Dynamic Black)
Projection Lens
f=18.07~22.59 mm, F/2.0~2.32 ; 1.25× manual zoom / focus lens
Smart Lens shift
± 60% vertical ; ± 10% horizontal
Projection Image Size
50 to 150 inches
Throw Ratio
1.22 ~ 1.52 :1(Projection distance/width)
Keystone Correction
Vertical ±15°(system)
Aspect Ratio
16:9, 4 :3, LBX, Native
Video Compatibility
480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p, Full NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, HDMI(480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p), Computer capability up to UXGA(1600×1200)
3D Support Format
1920×1080p @ 24Hz Frame packing 1920×1080p @ 24Hz Top-and-Bottom 1280×720p @ 50Hz / 60Hz Top-and-Bottom 1280×720p @ 50Hz /60hz Frame packing 1920×1080i @ 50Hz/60Hz Side-by-Side (Half) - HDMI 1.3
1920×1080i@50/60 Hz side by side / Top-and-Bottom
1280×720@50/60 Hz side by side / Top-and-Bottom
Input / Output Connections
HDMI ×2 (HDMI 1.4a 3D)
VGA ×1 Component ×1
Composite Video ×1
+12V Relay ×2
Serial RS-232 for control ×1
IR receivers ×2
USB(Service) ×1
VESA 3D Port ×1
USB charging(5V/1.2A) ×1
Light Source/ Life
LED / 20,000hrs
Power Supply
Universal AC 100 ~ 240 volts, 50/ 60Hz
Noise Level
Standby Power
Dimensions (W x D x H)
345×443×162 mm